The Beginning of the New Year, 2016

Man, That went fast!  A lot has happen this year, hit some of my goals, missed others, got distracted, but also refocused.  It a roll-a-coster, but hey, thats what makes things interesting and challenging, and there lies the real, amazing truth of this life we all have.

Me at my hotel room just playing with my camera.

Me at my hotel room just playing with my camera.

This year I started this blog, one of the goals I hit this year.  I fought off all the inner voices that pushed back, and all the “what if’s”.  I’m so glad I did, I have an outlet to tell my story and to share my goals, my triumphs and even my defeats. I have a voice now.

I had another goal of revamping my portfolio this year, well, I’m still working on that.  So I missed that one, but that’s OK, I have started working on it and I am going to make it happen this year.  Do I regret not getting this done?  Life is to short, I’m not going to strap myself with this burden, it will only drag me down this year as I reach forward.  I will be working hard to create some new images this year.  I will keep you all up to date on my new projects this year as I work to bring my vision to life.

Speaking of life, one amazing change this year!  I am going to be a father, WOW, my head is spinning.  Excited, Thrilled, Scared, Happy, Soon! Really soon, Like the end of February soon!  All these emotions are soaring thru me, what a great year this is going to be.